Enrollment Fees & Tuition

Introducing the MusicalMe Membership Plan. This plan has been created for you to simplify registration and reduce the initial cost for you to enroll in classes. And once you sign up, you can enjoy music classes on an ongoing basis without the hassle of remembering when it's time to register again. Your family is guaranteed to keep your teacher and class time throughout the year (as long as available), until you request a change. Enroll once and enjoy music class with your children, advancing through the program. When your family is approaching their last month with MusicalMe, simply give our office 30 days notice and your initial, last month payment will be applied. Take this opportunity to relax, enjoy ongoing enrollment, and delight in your music classes with ease. JOIN NOW


Class and format options


PLEASE NOTE: The MusicalMe Membership includes 44 weeks of class during the calendar year. Classes are held every week with  8 intermittent weeks off. Please click here to see the current class calendar.

Registrations for the following cities are made through each community's Parks & Recreation websites: 

CampbellLosGatosSaratoga, Watsonville & Scotts Valley 

Tuition varies by location.

After completing the registration through their website, you will need to pay the lab fee ($50) through our enrolled families page on our website.