Give the gift of time spent together: Music Together®, Rhythm Kids & Canta y Baila Conmigo® Classes

Looking for the perfect gift for the children in your life? Give them the gift of music! 

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Child experimenting with a triangle during a Music Together Class

Mom and daughter having fun during a Music Together classExperimenting with drums during a Music Together class

Still scratching your head over what would make that special gift for that new baby in your family or in your circle for friends? Blow their minds by offering them something different: a music class. 

That’s right. Buy them a gift certificate for music classes specifically developed and organized for young children. Give them the gift of time, time spent with the adoring adults in their lives. 

Time well spent lasts a lifetime

“More important than things, far more important than giving even more stuff to the children in our lives, is to give them our time and our full engagement,” says Lizz Hodgin, the CEO of MusicalMe, Inc., a Santa Cruz-based company that offers Music Together, a research-based worldwide early childhood music education program. 

“The gift of music making is something that will last a lifetime.  It's not a toy they'll play with for five minutes, then toss over their shoulder. It's quality time with family,” Hodgin says. 

“What we do during our Music Together classes is teach adults how to engage with their young children through music making and play, and how to create a rich musical learning environment in their daily lives. We also create lifelong lasting memories during our classes.”

MusicalMe, Inc. has been offering the Music Together program for children aged 0 to 6 years old in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County locations for 20 years. Now MusicalMe Inc. is offering classes in eleven locations throughout the two counties and will be adding Monterey County locations in the new year.

Each Music Together class lasts 45 minutes and a certified Music Together teacher leads the class in singing, dancing, movement and playing with instruments while modeling effective methods to musically stimulate and engage young children. 

What music classes are available through MusicalMe

MusicalMe, Inc. offers Music Together music classes for: Babies (newborns to 8 months old), Mixed-Age (birth to 6 years) and Rhythm Kids for older children (4 to 8 years), as well as Canta y Baila Conmigo classes (spanish immersion). 

Hodgin said research suggests that there is a huge opportunity for nurturing the music ability that we are born with during the first years of our lives, when our brain is extremely malleable. In addition, a music class is a wonderful way for new parents to get out of the house and socialize with other mothers and parents like them. 


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Or if you are ready to offer the families you love an experience for their children to remember, go ahead and get them a Music Together, Rhythm Kids or Canta y Baila Conmigo Gift Certificate