Taking Music Class Online

Now more than ever, we need music! Join the teachers you know and love from MusicalMe, Inc. for online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. We miss all of our families, but more than anything we want you to stay safe! 

What does it mean to have a music class online? Your whole family will have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming along to new songs during weekly, live, online interactive classes. And your family resources, including digital recordings, a hard-copy songbook and CD, and bonus activities will have you making music whenever the mood strikes. 

The great part about MusicalMe's programs is that taking our classes online doesn't change our approach or our philosophy. Read more about our program philosophy and approach here

Is screen time okay for this age group? We know that screen time is not usually recommended for children in our age group, but there's one thing that makes our classes different from most other programs: YOU! When children stare passively at a screen, they don't take in information or learn in the same way as they do when a parent or other caregiver is actively participating with them. Just as in our in-person classes, you are still the most important musical role model for your child, so you get to play, too! And our teachers will be giving you lots of ideas for fun activities with your child at home.