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"My older son (now 8) is on the autism spectrum and Music Together® with Jen was a huge, wonderful part of his life from the time he was 3-5. It comforted him, regulated him, and gave him a true musical interest. Even now he remembers the songs and loves to sing. We were with Jen for all 9 sessions (plus one summer!) and I eagerly began again with my younger son a year and a half ago. Thank you for all you have done to pivot in these crazy times."

MusicalMe parent

"THANK YOU so so much for doing these live classes!! They are so much fun. My younger one participates more at home then In class and it’s been so joyful to see him really come out of his shell and be involved in the music. Can’t wait until we are all back together but in the mean time these have been wonderful and so enriching to our shelter in place! Please encourage the teachers that their efforts are appreciated. Keep up the good work."

Katie Rylander

"Thank you for this semester! While it hasn't been the same, my daughter has truly THRIVED during Music Together at home. She leads mama and papa through full music classes, can keep rhythmic beats, and is exploring a variety of new instruments. She's vocalizing during call and response, and truly listening to and comprehending the lyrics. All of this is new in the last 10 weeks. While we miss our friends at music class, I'm so grateful we've had this outlet during these difficult times, and we're looking forward to the summer session." 

Music Together parent

"Lizz runs her company with joyous, professional fun, and you'll be amazed at how far your children get - FAST. My son started at 6 months, and it was clear he REALLY could have started even sooner! He continued for 4 years, and we both felt an emptiness afterward, because there is nothing else quite like it. Plus he developed a fantastic ear for good music that is still a valuable part of his life - one of my treasured parenting accomplishments." 

Monica McGuire- Be Well.Age Well

"I have a Master's in Education, and I received piano lessons and theory (through Certificate of Merit level 9) until I went to college. Due to my background in education in particular, I can be a little picky about programs for children and paying for them! Haha. I have been meaning to write for a long time to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of the Music Together program!!

I tell new parents all the time that if I could only choose one activity to pay for for my children it would be Music Together. It's worth every penny. I took class with teacher Elizabeth (she's so good!) in Los Gatos for a year with my daughter, and then one session with both of my children before switching to the Canta y Baila Conmigo® the first semester you offered the program.

I only took Spanish in college for two quarters, so I basically knew nothing going into the class. After the first day I felt like I was in a little over my head, but I knew this program would be a perfect way to begin our family's journey of learning a second language. I made the goal to learn at least HALF the songs in the book by the end of the semester. Goal accomplished! And same goal for our current semester and also reached it.

I want to let you know [our teacher] has been AMAZING. I know the class is Spanish immersion, but she speaks at a good pace, keeps her phrases simple, uses lots of gestures, and repeats often. I am actually able to whisper the translation into my daughter's ear when needed."

MusicalMe Family

"My son and I love Music Together classes.  I didn't expect to get as much out of it myself as he would, but I enjoy going every week. We absolutely love coming to class every week as well as listening to the music at home, in the car, and really everywhere!!"

Helen Tsao

"Hi! Wanted to write and say we've been going to Carolina's class (CYBC) for two semesters and our little girl just LOVES the class. Every time we drive by she asks if we're going to go play music with Carolina (we drive by a lot because we live in the neighborhood of the Pleasure Point space). Carolina makes the class fun and relatable for the little ones, and she's really good at managing so many personalities and different ages in the class. And she's really warm and approachable with everyone. As a mama who wants her daughter to learn Spanish, I really appreciate the immersive nature of the class, as that is hard to find in this area. Thank you Carolina and Lizz for this class in our community! I am signing up our daughter for the next one."

Syl R

“Music Together is one of Enzo's and Maria's first memories. It was a time when I could connect with my little kids. My son who is 12 years old still sings some of the songs, and I really believe it's encouraged my kids to take an interest in music.”



Damaris Palmer

“Music Together is a life-changing program, both for children and the adults who love them.  I had first heard about it when I was a newlywed, but I vowed that as soon as I had my babies I would sign up. Once my first child, now 19 years old and a music education major, was born, I signed up and never looked back.  My younger child, now 16 years old, enjoys an incredibly wide and eclectic range of musical genres, which I attribute to his early years in Music Together.  I love it so much I became a teacher myself for several years.    What better investment in your child’s future than this?”



Nicki Petruzzella Kerns

“My daughter started Music Together when she had just turned 1 year old. She attended the program until she was 5. She’s now close to turning 8, has a good sense of pitch & rhythm, loves singing & dancing & her favorite music is still Music Together songs...... 

Need I say more?????? ??


Strongly recommend this program for any & every kid.”



Kanika Wahi

“Music Together is a place of music, singing, dance, and camaraderie that is exceptional in its design. Children and parents/grandparents alike learn lifelong skills just by having fun and exploring their surroundings. Bringing the joy of music into lives of children is an enormous gift. All five of my children benefitted from Music Together and four of them are now heavily involved in the arts. The fifth one too really enjoys music and can pick out which instruments are being played. All fondly remember our times exploring music in class and in life. We all still sing a lot of the songs together and with the smaller children”

Pamela Miller

 “My children are now 15 and 19. Some of the best memories I have are when I took them to Music Together! We attended every session from infancy until Kindergarten. It was so precious! I actually attribute a lot of their academic success to Music Together. It was an invaluable experience.”

Amy Lauta

“Music Together was the BEST! We started in the babies class when Vivienne was 3 months old and took every single class (including all the summer sessions)and then started retaking the classes. In all we were in classes more than 4 years. It was tremendous bonding for V and me and I can still see the benefits. Not only does V still know and sing many of the culturally enriching songs, but her sense of rhythm is really good. She’s been taking piano lessons for 1 and a half years now and she totally played  the beats for quarter, half, and full notes perfectly right away! That’s her music together background!”




Laura Chiorello

“Lizz sang a lovely Music Together song at my daughters funeral. The Music Together teachers and families helped me and my grandchildren feel normal again after a terrible tragedy. We were in this program for years until we finally aged out. My grandkids are still singing and making music on their guitars now. Thank you Music Together for being a source of joy and fun in our darkest time. Thank you for giving us a good foundation that hopefully leads to a lifetime of music and song.”



Louise Osborne Butler

“Music Together was probably the best program I've enrolled my family in ever! It laid a foundation for my daughter's love of music, which she maintains today, and for which I am incredibly grateful. Music Together enriches the soul, is incredibly stimulating and enriching, and it gets you and your children up & moving all while having fun. Plus we made lifelong friends there. Whenever my family recalls our time at Music Together, it brings a smile to our faces and a warmth to our hearts. I could not recommend this program more.”

Debra Finfer

“Music Together with a lovely staff of dedicated teachers and beautiful studios in an opportunity for your child to receive the best researched and most fun music program ever!”



Gail Swain

“Music Together was a launch pad for our happy and healthy family. Both words, music and together,  and the combination of them are words that help us continue to thrive.”


Ellen Rabkin Abelar

"Just wanted to tell you what an amazing program this is and that my son loved it!  My son is 3/5 and has developmental delays, including speech, and it was great that some of the songs don't even have realy words and work with sounds - really amazing.

We are signing up!"

Andrea K

"I did Music Together with both of my children. We started with our daughter, who is 8 1/2 years old now, when she was 6 months, with Teacher Louise. One of Teacher Louise's session was made up of most of the babies from our mom's group. When I had my second child, we started at the same age Faith was, with Teacher Jen and fell in love with her just as much as Teacher Louise! I truly believe that music together has made such an incredible impact on both of my kids lives. They both love music so much and are very verbal and musical children. My older daughter has been playing the piano for the last 2 years and performing in theater with Playful People Production. My son has this incredible ability to know a song after only a few notes and the kid has really good rhythm. They are both constantly singing or making music with anything that they can find. Many of our fond memories and videos are from music class. I love music together so much that I recruited a lot of our friends and for most of last year, most of the students in Teacher Jen's Wednesday 9:30am class were our friends. I truly believe in this program!!!"



"My super shy son is thriving at Music Together. He has been attending since he was 10 months old and he is turning 2 this week. We haven't missed a semester yet. He loves singing and music and keeps a beat and dances. He loves different instruments and playing with his friends. Our teacher is Polly and she is great." 

Alena B

"My 3 kids and I have been going to Music Together with Elizabeth and Lizz for over 3 years now. We LOVE the knowledge,exposure and fun the kids get out of this program. I feel like this is an investment in my children's musical development which helps with learning (math, reading etc) and their own form of self expression. We have all the instruments and my girls sing and play every day. The instructors are amazing and gifted singers/musicians. Lizz does an amazing job of building community thru this musical medium."  

Lisa H

"I took a two year old child I was nannying for to a class at "Music Together" in Santa Cruz, the teacher had such passion and had the kids riveted! They present more than your average children's music, with music from all over the world in a variety of styles and languages. The kids especially enjoy the opportunity to use instruments and dance! I had a blast with my little buddy and would absolutely recommend this to any family!"

Angelina D

"I've been meaning to write this letter for so long, but as we end our tenure at Music Together, this feels like the best way to say thank you. As our lives and schedules are now changing, it has come time to say good bye to Music Together. While it is a bit sad, we have so many wonderful memories to carry in our hearts, which bring so much joy.
We started classes three years ago, when my daughter was roughly six months old, after finding your ad in our local parenting paper. I am so grateful we did. Your program enriched our lives as we navigated parenting and growing up.

  • Thank you for showing me techniques for being funny, silly and goofy when being with my child. 
  • Thank you for giving me, as a mom, fun ways to play with my child. Being a first time mother, I had no idea how to relax and play. So many of the songs encouraged me to bounce my daughter on my knee or play peek-a-boo in new and fresh ways. 
  • Thank you for never pressuring my child to perform or expecting her to sing and act a certain way. While my daughter was not the largest participant in many of the classes, we carried so many of the techniques home to play. 
  • Thank you for never labeling my child as shy, but understanding that we all learn in different ways. Some of us observe and some of us are more physical, and if she just sat in my lap and watched, it was ok. This was HUGE for us. 
  • Thank you for showing by example that songs can be sung in ways that fit our everyday activities. Amazing as it sounds, I never thought of making up my own words. Now just about everything we do has a Music Together tune, but with many of our own words. 
  • Thank you for the wonderful lullabies Music Together has given us. I was never sung to as a young child. Having such peaceful and gentle ways to lull my little one to sleep brings such comfort and peace to our night time rituals. It also is creating special memories. 
  • Thank you for creating the space of learning in a positive way. 
  • Thank you for bringing together families who may otherwise have not met one another. I have found such a community with Music Together. As a new mom, I struggled with finding other moms, relating to friends and feeling depressed. Through our tenure at Music Together I have met some dear friends through your program, and am so grateful for the wonderful friendships that will last. 

As a new mom, I had no idea how to interact with my child and create a stimulating environment. I had a new child that I wanted to spend every moment with, and I was unsure of how to bond with her. The many tools you provided in class were carried over into our everyday interactions, and helped create a special relationship. 
We truly love your program, and believe in it. As my child has grown, Music Together has helped us create so many memories and fun times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and love you put into such a wonderful program."

Justina Nichols

"We take classes at the Campbell Community Center. This is our second year and my daughter absolutely loves it. It is a well put together program and you get a fabulous CD to enjoy at home. The classes are well planned out and the instruction top notch. Both teachers we've had have been outstanding."

Erin W

"My son has been a part of Music Together/MusicalMe since he was 8 months old - he's now 3 years old! The Santa Cruz location, which is where we've been going for about a year now is fantastic! We love teacher Lizz, and teacher Jessica, and the energy and dynamics of each class really hits home with my son. While at home, in the car, with or without the music playing, he sings the songs he's heard in class, makes music on all kinds of instruments, and really has the beat in tune! I've very happy to have joined this family and know that it has a special place in both my and my sons heart! I highly recommend this program for all kids - and start them as early as you can!!! They really do hear and feel it!" 

Asha T

"I have been very impressed with all the teachers so far! They are engaging and professional!"

Ayala Younger

"Both of my children attended music together classes in Santa Cruz. My son started when he was 6 months old and my daughter when she was 6 weeks old, in the infant class. I cannot say enough good things about the Music Together Program here in Santa Cruz. My children and I loved the classes and all of us definitely learned to be more musical. My son has a beautiful singing voice and my daughter loves to dance and does so all the time! They both have great rhythm and are naturals when it comes to playing instruments. Even my singing improved dramatically from all the classes I attended with the kids! We had many different teachers throughout the years and they were all fantastic."

Jenny Twaddle

"One of the questions on my grandson’s college application asked what experiences in his youth were the most influential. Ken answered that my taking him to Music Together classes created and nurtured his life-long love of music. He now plays guitar, sings in a select choir in high school, and continues a musical life. (How to make a Grandmother proud!) "

Sylvia Lee

"MUSIC TOGETHER was the first step in our children's formal music education. Now aged 8 and 11, they have moved on to instrumental instruction in piano and violin. So many of the elements they use now were introduced to them in MUSIC TOGETHER: rhythm, melody, tempo, harmony, and most importantly, the fun of playing music with others."

Barbara Lawrence

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make music with you as well as adding to our existing repertoire. I really appreciate the reminders to enjoy the process, have fun and be silly. I read a really great quote by Piaget yesterday which emphasized the importance of allowing children to explore learn and make discoveries on their own. When we try to show or do things for them we take away their opportunity to learn. Music Together is such a wonderful model of this philosophy."

Bridgett O'Shea

"Music Together has changed the way I feel about music, my comfort level with my own singing voice and how we have incorporated music into our daily lives. We originally signed up with my eldest daughter when she was a baby because (like every first parent) I was very eager to do all the right things; music, tumbling, art, etc. I didn't want her to miss out on anything that would enrich her. Quickly I discovered that the program wasn't just for her but for me as well. Both Sylvyanna and I loved it instantly. We have been in and out of classes for the past four years and recently signed up with our youngest daughter, Tallulah, and it is such a delight to be back. I hadn't realized how much I had missed it. Recently, I had one of those aha parent moments - I heard my eldest singing one of the Music Together songs to my youngest, it just doesn't get much sweeter!"

Samara Halterman

"You were so right when you told me that it wasn't the teacher I liked the most that mattered. Isabella has really connected to Alma in a different way than she has to any teacher so far. Plus, I have had the opportunity to have classes with a lot of the teachers and am appreciating each of them and their teaching styles. We are truly blessed to have the experience.
Ok, now I'm sounding like an infomercial, but it's all true."

Carrie Wildenboer

"You have made such a mark and impression on our lives. Music and play will forever be a part of our days and when we laugh and sing, we will think of you!"

Anderson (age 4) and Mommy

"Please know that the changes I've observed in my son Charlie after only 5 weeks in class have been nothing short of amazing. He LOVES the CD -- in fact, it is the first music that he has really, truly showed any notice of or interest in. He now cries out for me to play it in the car, and at home he runs over to the stereo and starts pointing and signing "please" for me to turn it on. Although I have played many different types of music for him in his 17 months of life, he has yet to show this kind of enthusiasm. He is also able to bob his head and clap his hands to the beat for parts of his favorite songs, and he loves to have jam sessions with the pasta shakers I made for him. When I tell him that "It's time for music class!" he starts smiling and clapping his hands, and he has a huge smile on his face when we're walking into the building. In short, he is truly awakening to music, and I feel that it is all because of this class! (We had been in a music class at Gymboree, but he could take it or leave it.)

I don't tell you this to brag about my son but so that you'll get just one more testimony (in addition to many others I'm sure you've received over the years) that your program WORKS and WORKS WELL. I have ZERO musical training (that is, until now...because I think that even my own singing has actually improved thanks to this class!), and I will have no idea how to continue his musical training without this class."

Marisa Proctor

"This has been the absolutely best thing that has happened to our family since my grand daughter was born. Both mommy and daddy have memorized the songs and sing and dance with her. Now, the neighbor--who is a musician--does too! What a blessed thing to do for our children."


"We have since moved and I have the girls in another music class. Nothing like anything we ever attended. It has made me miss your program even more and it has made me appreciate teacher Jen that much more. I always knew she was beyond great and so extremely talented and fun but man is she just so much fun. Jen made it so safe for us to come. I had twins and a 3 1/2 year old and I just didn't know if I could pull it off. Teacher Jen was just so non-judgmental and never made me feel like I was a burden. She has the gift of just being so genuine to all adults and kids alike. You are extremely lucky to have her. I am sure you know that. I just really wanted to take the time to express my sincere gratitude for teacher Jen. It is a great feeling to leave class with true music in the heart and soul and to leave with a smile on all of our faces.

Teacher Jen is absolutely amazing. Each and every class she put her heart and soul into singing and leading the class. She makes everyone feel so welcomed and she takes the time to connect with everyone. Her love and talent for music shines through her voice and smile as she leads the class with such enthusiasm. I was hesitant to join music together class as I would be bringing my 3 month old twins and my 3 1/2; year old. I was nervous about how I was going to juggle it all. The moment I stepped foot in teacher Jen's class she was just so gracious and understanding that juggling twins and a 3 1/2; year old was challenging. She gave us the gift each week of her musical talent and contagious love for music. We have since moved and have not found a top notch teacher like Teacher Jen. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet to all of my kids and for allowing them to freely explore so they could also embrace the love of music."


"My wife was excited because she took our daughter to Music Together for years, and loved it. Now our daughter, 12 years old, is an actress, sings, and loves music."

Erick C. Freels

"I was P's nanny, and I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. P and I really enjoyed the classes and I got much more comfortable with music. (I was always worried that my musical ability/training wasn't enough so I shouldn't sing with children.) Your class was my favorite activity of the week and P asked every day if it was Music Together day. The songs and class featured quite heavily in our conversations and in her dramatic play. And when we drew and painted, she made pictures of her favorite animal "froggy" going to see you and singing as he went along :).

I have worked in child development for over a decade, primarily in program development/evaluation and designing developmentally appropriate learning environments and activities for birth-elementary school. And my graduate work was in evaluating the interactions of toddlers with their caregivers and the environment. This is the first class I have been to that addresses the needs of the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner. Its was engaging, educational, AND enjoyable. I have always been uncomfortable with my musical abilities and apprehensive about going to music classes, but I immediately felt comfortable in your class. In other programs, I always felt pressured to make the children participate and I know that interferes with learning and enjoyment. Feel free to contact me any time you need someone to recommend the class. Thank you for all you do. All the best!"

MT Family

"Music Together has been such a special part of my son's therapy! Diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 2 months of age, my son was blind with a low prognosis for the ability to learn. But he can hear and loves music! Music Together combined with choreography has helped him work on range of motion in ways that he wouldn't do before.  Listening to the songs at home gives him more patience for standing practice and he likes to hum along. We love seeing his world open up as he learns and develops with the help of music!"



Mama Regan