In the Santa Cruz Sentinel 2018 Readers’ Choice poll, Music Together® won in two categories: Youth Arts and Preschooler Activities. Director Lizz Hodgin Weihrauch founded the Santa Cruz County branch of Music Together in 1996. Music Together is a national program that debuted in 1987,  and Weihrauch is proud that her local branch is one of the oldest and largest MT centers in the world.


Weihrauch is definitely a local; her whole family lives in Santa Cruz County. “I graduated from Soquel High and have a degree in Theater Arts from UCSC,” she says. “After that, I moved to NYC to pursue my Broadway dreams and it was there that I realized that one of the most important things to me is community—community and family. Being a part of a community, making a positive impact, sharing our lives together over the years, just gets richer and richer every year. I LOVE what I do because of the incredible and far-reaching benefits Music Together offers. It’s so much more than a weekly class. It’s not only nutrient-rich brain food; it’s also family sharing time, family bonding time, family memory making time. Bringing that to my community and making a positive impact in the lives of not only local children but also their entire families is endlessly rewarding and joyous for me.”

Music Together's basic philosophy is that “all children are musical” and its program consists of “developmentally appropriate, research-based classes for children ages birth through kindergarten and their parents and caregivers.” In case it’s not clear, anyone unfamiliar with the program—also known as MusicalMe—should be aware that there is lots of “play” in the classes (author’s note: my daughter, now 7, benefited greatly from several classes taken when she was about 2-4 years old).


There are many community members who have endless praise for Music Together. See Testimonials