Director / Teacher Lizz

Lizz and Daniel with Jose Luis Orozco. "We love his music!" 

Lizz with her son, Daniel; her inspiration for teaching Music Together®

Lizz Leading Class


Lizz and Daniel at MMI 20th Anniversary Party

Lizz and Daniel at MMI 20th Anniversary Party

 Halloween 2014 class


What families are saying about Lizz: 

  • "Thank you for all the magical music and inspiration over these past months. The twins and I have loved every second of it. You are an inspiration with all that take this class and hope to see you at another music class with Nicholas & Benjamin. Fondly Alison C  - P.S. The boys love all the songs - we will think of you when we play our CD's."
  • "You have made such a mark and impression on our lives.  Music and play will forever be a part of our days and when we laugh and sing, we will think of you!  With our love and gratitude for your gift of music.  Anderson (Age 4) and Mommy" 
  • "Thank you again for the wonderful, extra-fun birthday celebration for Elliette.  Your dazzling skills were so evident to all our guests, and afterwards people were raving about how much they enjoyed it, how professional and skillful you are, how much fun they had, etc. etc.  Seeing Elliette so happy was fantastic, and watching her teach you a new version of "Twinkle Twinkle" was priceless!  I don't think she has very much participated in the actual singing in class before, but she takes it all in and sings constantly at home.  When it is nap time, she insists on listening to "her" music (your music) as she is falling asleep.  She knows dozens and dozens of "Musical Me" songs by heart and always wants to hear them or sing them.  We are looking forward to the next session in the fall, and someday to bringing baby Addie to her own music classes!"

 Lizz performing with her Mom for the last time prior to her mother's passing



Lizz singing at a club in New York City

 Lizz celebrating a special Mother's Day with her Mom and sister

"I just won a special Leadership Award at the 2014 Music Together Conference in Princeton, NJ! This is me with Jenny Goings and Ken Guilmartin (MT Founder)!"


 Gift from student, Violet

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